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> Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 18:21:36 +0100
> From: David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] Selection to brush/pattern/whatever in
>     menus...
> Hi,
> Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Script-Fu->Selection->To Brush solves this nicely
> > but it should be moved to a better place in the menus.

I forgot that I made further modifcations to my local copy of the script
besides moving it to "Edit, Define Brush..." I aslo removed the option to
specify the filename and made the script to that automatically because if
I really wanted to be able to specify the filename I could "Save As" and I
preferred to to keep it as simple as possible
(and I also wanted to copying how that other photo editor does it
http://www.nectec.or.th/courseware/graphics/photoshop/define-brush.gif )

It is important that 'Define Brush' be significantly easier and way more
useful than using 'Save As', at the moment the main advantage of the
script is not needing to hunt around for the correct directory.

Now that I think about it more I remember I actaully made quite a few
changes I also improved it to work with INDEXED Images and I made sure it
worked if you had no existing selection.

I might have submitted it before (if I was finished and if I thought it
might be accepted without too many changes) but my attempts to consolidate
the code with 'Selection to Pattern' were not very successful (saved more
space by not needing to include the GPL twice than anything else), and it
kinda sucks not to be able to include a thumbnail sized preview in the

> It should also (IMHO) work on images and not just drawables,
> proposing a flatten if necessary. Every time I have used
> selection to brush so far, the selection was created with "select
> all".

I'd rather not add a flatten option (or 'work on copy'), I think it is
better to use the built in functionality where possible rather than
complicating each script.  Image Duplicate and Flatten Image work well and
they both deserve shortcuts (I dont recall what the defaults are if any as
I mostly use the Photoshop shortcuts).

If there is enough interest I will try and dig out my modified version
later this week, I might have to forward port the changes to gimp 2.0.


Alan Horkan

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