I noticed that gimp is very slow for large images compared with
Photoshop. We were recently processing some 500Mb images, and on a fast
machine with 2Gb, gimp is crawling along, while on a slower machine with
only 512 Mb, photoshop is considerably faster.  I attributed it to a
massive amount of work in photoshop, using sse instructions, etc. but
then noticed that the default viewer in redhat allows me to load images
far faster even than adobe, and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel in

Granted, because you are editing the image, not just displaying it,
there has to be some slowdown, but I wondered if there is any way I can
tweak gimp, do I somehow have it massively de-optimized. When I first
set up gimp-2.0, I tried both 128 and 512 Mb tile cache sizes. 512 seems
to work a lot better, but it's still pretty bad. Any idea as to the area
of the speed advantage of Adobe?


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