On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 03:28:14PM -0500, Dov Kruger wrote:
> I noticed that gimp is very slow for large images compared with
> Photoshop. We were recently processing some 500Mb images, and on a fast
> machine with 2Gb, gimp is crawling along, while on a slower machine with
> only 512 Mb, photoshop is considerably faster.  I attributed it to a
> massive amount of work in photoshop, using sse instructions, etc. but
> then noticed that the default viewer in redhat allows me to load images
> far faster even than adobe, and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel in
> realtime.
is this gimp on windows or gimp on linux?

you might need to change operating systems to have your gimp really work
for you.  that asks too much?  dont use it then.


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