> okay... since i'm in the Hotel California where you can check in but
> never check out....

Sorry that the you were unable to unsubscribe, I have no idea why the
unsubscribe system didn't work for you but I'm pretty sure the developers
were joking and that if you are still unable to unsubscribe having done
your best to try the various methods available that they would be willing
to take you off the list but I hope you will volutarily stick around a
little longer.

> Is it possible to design a GUI implementation of the same script? The
> Select-To sounds good but its gotta be a short menu - preferably within
> the Brush palette itself... thats where we'd think to look for it...

I'm not sure you realise there already is a script under
Script-Fu/Selection/To Brush...

which will take the contents of the current selection, ask you to give
it a name and then save it to the brushes folder.

> Script-Fu is totally incomprehensible to graphic designers....

Not just graphic designers :)

Scheme is an 'interesting' programming language but it sort of has its
charms if and when you can eventually figure it out.
I'd still like an automatic script recorder though.

- Alan H.
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