Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Given my previous comments that is understandable and I think
> discoverability is important but it doesn't make sense to have a seperate
> menu item for every obscure feature and to me this is most definately an
> obscure feature.

It has been requested over and over again so there are certainly
people who see a need for it.

> Perhaps I might have been less quick to complain if it had been only
> one menu item that shows a dialog but it is not, it is a submenu
> with several menu items and that seems a lot like clutter to me.

It is a submenu, so it is only a single menu entry and thus certainly
not clutter. It would have been clutter to use a dialog for something
that can be easily done using a small submenu.

Can we please stop this useless discussion here? I get the impression
that you are trying very hard to find something to criticise. Why do
you have to show so much disrespect for other people's work?

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