Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I was unable to get to use the gimp 2.1 series until recently.  I
> cannot provide feedback only when it suits your timetable.  When I
> pointed out problems with 2.0 you gave out to me for not mentioning
> them during the 1.3 cycle so I am making my points before 2.2 is
> released.

A couple of days before 2.2 is released and a long time after the
feature set and the user interface has been frozen. Not a very good
timing. But of course we are always open for suggestions.

Even though it seems rather useless, let me point you to bug #142996
which was the motivation for changing the canvas padding color user
interface in the first place. IMO the new way of doing it is a lot
better. You should also note that a lot of thought and work has gone
into this. Thus my comment about disrespect. I think that you are
ignoring how much attention has been given to the details here.

> (I really hope Gfig will be rolled back as the developer working on
> it has previously suggested, it is definately not ready for 2.2)

We have another developer working on it at the moment and he's
contributing his free time for the task of finishing the changes to
GFig that Bill started. This comment of yours (and you did the same
comment on gnomedesktop.org) is discouraging, nothing else. Please try
to avoid this in the future.

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