As you may know the gfig plug-in was in bad shape, and I've been working
on it for a few weeks. Still, there are some issues.  I've tried to make
a list (ordered by severity):

1 Major.
  1.1 deleting an object, by using the delete tool or even undo mess up
      the current_style variable and can cause a crash on the next object
      creation.  This will be easier to fix when 3.2 and 3.3 will be done.

2 Normal.
  2.1 The undo button should be moved to the toolbar.
  2.2 The 'select object' tool seems useless, and might be removed.
  2.3 Find out how the gradient fill is supposed to work (it is
      unimplemented for now), or remove it from the filling choice.

3 Cleanups.
  3.1 gfig should use glist in some places instead of reimplementing its
      own structures (DAllObjs, DObjpoints), undos and styles would
      also benefit to use something else than a static array.
  3.2 dobject is used as an abstract class for every kind of objects (arc,
      line, bezier, etc.) This should be redone using the gobject
  3.3 the style class should also be derived from a gobject, so it can
      be easily refcounted.
  3.4 use our coding standards all over the place.

4 Tests.
  As I focus only on some points, I certainly missed some important
  parts/bugs.  For instance, I haven't try to test the saving and
  loading code.

As I said, 1.1 is the major problem for now. Depending on the time we
have I would like to have 3.2 and 3.3 fixed before dealings with 1, but
it isn't really necessary.

All the points in 2 are very easy to fix once it has been decided how to
fix them.

I'm currently working on 3.1.

Any help is of course welcome, but please contact me here or on #gimp
before coding anything, to avoid duplicate work.



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