On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 11:03:01PM +0100, Popolon wrote:
> fresh cvs gimp-gap dosn't compile anymore with gimp-2.0.
> I tried to compile it with fresh cvs (today cvs) That's OK, but it 
> definitivly crash with unknown symbols, is there anything special to do, 
> for using it?
i am compiling this plug-in successfully with cvs gimp.  is this
possible for you to try?

> I compiled it with
> --enable-gdkpixbuf-pview --disable-libmpeg3
> configure options.
can i ask the reason to use --enable-gdkpixbuf-pview ?  an this might be
the problem.  thumbnails have changed a lot between the two gimps.

i am not sure how gap makes its thumbnails without this option enabled,
but i have thumbnails in two cases when i run gap.  for the video
navigator and also for Animation Playback (that seems to come from gimp
source and not gap).

let me know how it goes without gdkpixbug-pview if you are able to try


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