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From: Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 09:44:14 -0800
Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] Selection to brush/pattern/whatever in menus...
To: "miriam clinton (iriXx)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, GIMPDev

On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 02:41:41PM -0800, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
> Carol Spears wrote:

hi, i am really glad that you stuck with this list.  since making this
excellent decision, might i direct you to this document:
http://www.gimp.org/mail_lists.html and ask that you at least strip the
mail the way they ask.  they ask me to improve my hardware to work with
them, but there are or could be people who are reading this list who
store the mails or what have you where size is important.

> >you took classes on how to use this software?  or self-educated?
> >
> Oh and yes, for the record, I picked these tools up and used them - my
> mother was a painter, not a graphic designer. I learnt the tools in
> about.... 30mins.
> Compared to the GIMP which I still havent got my head around.... hence
> my wanting to contribute - better to contribute than to whinge!
this is very nice.  i dont think that it answered my question though.
very nice to be raised in a loving environment with access to many tools
and such.  gimp was developed by people of all sorts.  some had this
sort of upbringing and access and some didnt.  congratulations to you
for deserving all this or whatever.

my question, and i could have been more specific, was more about the
software you use and the computer you use it on.  classes in
adobe/macromedia and experience with preinstalled operating systems is
what i was looking for exactly.

software will never be simple enough for people who need formal training
in it.  operating systems are difficult to install.  i hear complaints
from anyone who needs to install any operating system.  i really am
trying to determine if this is the case with you.  if you are used to
macintosh, there is a chance that you are used to having everything
installed for you and TheGIMP and its fellow free apps might always be
out of your grasp.

none of this is personal.  access is a nice thing.  not having access
and being able to get this stuff free and legal like is another thing.
both are blessings or gifts from life?

direct questions:
did you have classes in using the software you are comfortable with?
pay for books or tutoring?

have you even been able to install an operating system on a computer you
are in charge of?


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