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Laxminarayan Kamath wrote:

>some day, someone write:
>>I would say it would take me at least double or triple time to produce a
>>website in GIMP comparable to the industry-standard websites I produce
>>using a combination of Fireworks/Photoshop/Dreamweaver.
>y do u use GIMP alone? just add it 2 ur long(?) list  of apps.
Firstly - did you mean to reply to the group or just me? if the group,
feel free to repost my message. its Free (licensed) anyhow ;)

i don't just use GIMP... this is the end of a long thread... i'm a
professional designer and have been forced in the past to use
proprietary apps to get the effects i want, to be industry compliant and
to simply find a user interface that is intuitive for a designer (who
thinks in pictures) to use.

i'm here on the invitation of RMS to try and comment from a designer's
point of view on what may be missing or why designers find it impossible
to get their heads around certain aspects of GIMP. gimp2 is very close
but things like finding drop-shadow (an absolute essential, which really
should be on the nav boards at all times) in Script-fu will put off a
designer. designers dont like the word Script - they're scared of it. as
for Script-fu, they'd have no idea... and Drop Shadow is hidden
somewhere down the bottom.

Even under Layer effects would be an idea - now thats not a bad one...
very, very accessible and obvious.

but the purpose of this thread is to do exactly this - its now being
considered to implement such things under brushes i believe (i've been
off for about a week so i'm still catching up).

Gonna grab the bleeding edge CVS today - whats the latest stable-ish
edition to compile and use on Mandrake 10.0 ?



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