David Hodson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've got a plugin that attaches to an existing (displayed) image,
> and replaces it with a different image:
>    gint newImage = gimp_file_load(...);
>    gimp_displays_reconnect(oldImage, newImage);
>    gimp_image_delete(oldImage);
> Problem is that (I think) the new image now has two references, so
> when the user closes the image display the image is not deleted.
> If that's right, is there any way to remove the extra reference?

If that is what happens, then that would be a bug that needs
fixing. Could you please try with GIMP 2.2-pre2? If the image still
shows up in the "Images" dialog after you closed the last display,
then please file a bug report for it.


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