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> My idea of asking the possibility  of a callback brush is that any 
> such impelementation would take lots of parameters. And Huge amounts 
> of trial and error before good results are achieved.
> And even them, if someone would like to try with other 
> parameters/methods than the hard coded ones , there 'd be a need to 
> rebuild the GIMP.

So what? You would have to recompile a single C file and relink. That
is in no way different from rebuilding a plug-in or module.

> So, we may think of a compromise - a tool that would read a special 
> type of "brush" files that would contain descriptions of how to 
> paint. It could even contain some procedural descriptions - and have 
> a pool of available parameters - the stroke parameters - which could 
> be used on its computations - 
> It could use a simple, graphic turtle like vetorial description of  
> mask of the actual brush to use on raster painting, and maybe some 
> other parameters - (different masks for each component color, masks 
> to apply from other drawables (patterns, etc), that would them work 
> as texture maps, maybe special mask type to indicate spreading of the 
> underlying colors)
> That would avoid the issue of having to call an external program and 
> still allow flexibility and functionality. 
> I think we can discuss this idea and get a better idea of what said 
> "procedural brush file" could look like in some more e-mails.

You obviously didn't understand me. Adding such an API would be a
major undertaking and we are not going to add such a framework for
anyone unless that someone has at least built a prototype in the
core. I do simply not believe that there is serious interest for
developing other paint tools. People toss these ideas (see above) back
and forth. If you look at them closely, you notice that they are vague
and that the changes that are needed to make them possible are huge.

If you had serious interest for developing other paint tools, you
would develop them in the core. There you find a complete and simple
framework for developing your ideas. The fact that you don't use it or
not even ask about how it can be done, clearly shows that your
interest isn't serious. Why should we go through the hassle of adding
the framework for pluggable tools then?

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