I would like to let everyone know that we will have a small GIMP
gathering at 21C3, the 21st annual Chaos Communication Congress, and
you are all invited to join us. So far we haven't planned anything in
particular and we definitely don't want to make this a GIMP developer
conference. If a number of GIMP people show up, we can have a workshop
and we will definitely find time for some GIMP hacking (and perhaps
some GEGL hacking as well). If you want to join the GIMP crew at the
congress, please send me mail.

Here's some more info about the congress:

  21C3: The Usual Suspects
  21st Chaos Communication Congress
  The European Hacker Conference

  Dezember 27/28/29, 2004
  bcc - berliner congress center
  Alexanderplatz, Berlin-Mitte

  It's time to round up for the usual date at the end of the year for
  the 21st annual Chaos Communication Congress. In order to make this
  event even bigger and noticably better, the 21C3 sports a hack
  centre that has been clearly improved in terms of size and
  infrastructure compared to last year, a new Art & Beauty area and
  many other small, but important details. As in the years before, we
  estimate to attract about 2,500 visitors from all over the world. We
  plan to meet the demands of our increased international audience
  through more talks in English by international speakers.

  Under the motto The Usual Suspects we call upon all hackers of the
  world to give presentations and attend discussions on current
  technological insights, new aspects in research and the
  sociopolitical impact of applied modern technology. Three daily
  conference tracks with around 100 talks and workshops will cater for
  a broad variety of topics.

Please visit the web-site at http://www.ccc.de/congress/2004/ and if
you want to get the latest news on the congress, subsribe to the 21C3
weblog at http://21c3.ccc.de/weblog/2004/.

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