> The relatively new thing is that I based almost everything on the XMP
> model (Extensible Metadata Platform from Adobe, based on RDF/XML)
> because XMP supersedes IPTC (used by Photoshop 6 and earlier) and
> includes EXIF (used by almost all digital cameras and supported by
> many programs).

I think you are wrong about IPTC. IPTC is well spread standard, and loads
of pros are using it for describing their images. Also a lot of news agencies
and news paper companys are still using IPTC (and will most probably continue
to use IPTC standard).

In my opinion, user should be able to select one of the metadata standards and 
upon selecting one of the standards, metadata editor should create an image 
with the metadata standard previously selected by the user.



And by the way, release the source!!!! I am anxious to try it. :))))))

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