Hi all,
I'm a student and as a university project I have to write a document about writing plug-ins in gimp (and create a plug-in as well).
I already managed to discover some pieces of information scattered through the net, but it seems to me it's not enough to write a complete document.
I've read Kevin Turner's document and found it quite interesting. I've also downloaded gimp-plugin-template-1.3.3 and that was very helpful too (though a little outdated).
In any case, I didn't found a document explaining all I'd like to know (that's why I'm trying to write one, maybe ;)) and I was hoping you could point me to something I may have missed.

BTW, I noticed the template uses gimp_image_menu_new() which is now deprecated. What should I use instead? A ComboBox maybe? (I'll have to wait until 2.2 if that's the case, right?)

Oh, I almost forgot: the document I'm writing is in italian. I'd be glad to share it if you think it may be useful to the GIMP community (AND if my professor agrees) but I don't think I'll have the time for an english translation. ;)

Alessandro Morandi
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