On Thursday 09 December 2004 06:45, Laxminarayan Kamath wrote:

> OOps, Sorry Sven, Gmail is nice but is confusing for replies. Will
> be care full next time.
> By the way,  what i mean is, when such confusions occur, like
> whether or not to remove a tool from the toolbar, isn't it nice to
> have a poll engine and make the poll public?

You are worrying over the edge here.
There is no chance this tool will be removed - not this time, nor 

What happened is that I, having the opinion that the tool is borken, 
sent a question about it to the list - which is public, in some 
sense.  People replied that  not only it is actually usable, but they 
use it on an often basis.

Therefore, there is no sense in hiding it.
And just one more point: I never suggested the removal of the tool, 
but just hiding the tool - it would be available from dialogs->tools, 
even to be put back into the toolbox.

If  a change is made to the GIMP that you do not like - in a way it 
brakes the way you work, Bugzilla is the place to ask for the old 
behavior back. 

Recently, for example, there was a bug asking for the old behavior of 
the Move tool - that would change the selected layer. That was 
promptly implemented as an option.


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