"Adam D. Moss" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've been sitting on a backend patch for probably most of
> the year, that greatly improves the quality of positional/fixed
> dither -- against GIMP 2.0.x.  I was hoping to find time to get
> a GIMP 2.1.x build working and forward-port the patch, but that
> didn't transpire and it's likely too late for 2.2 now...
> I will attempt to file the 2.0.x patch in Bugzilla some time
> soon and if anyone cares they can forward-port it (hopefully
> the dithering back-end didn't suffer many changes during 2.1.x).

Please do file your bug report as soon as possible. We might even
still sneak it into 2.2 if you are confident that your changes don't
introduce any major bugs.

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