He all GIMP developers out there,

I'm new to this list and therefore lets introduce myself first. As a Software developer I'm working for about 2 years now with Java/C/C++ and other languages like XML/XSLT. My expirence with C/C++ is about medium and I know a little about Linux/UNIX programming but have more expirence with Win32 platforms.My expirence with GTK+ and GIMP code is zero.

At this time I'm working(Using) now about 2 weeks with The GIMP for graphical stuff (as a hoby) and I'm very excited about all that GIMP offers! Because I'm a developer I like to help fixing bugs or add some new features. A already debuged some of the code but because of my lack of expirence with GTK+ and all I like to begin easy :-).

In short: Can I help with bug fixing? If so should I start with bug fixing (which bugs) and how and to who can I deliver the patches?


Henry Roeland

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