On 15.12.2004, at 20:16, William Skaggs wrote:

I've been thinking about three things that are highly desired but
have been waiting for the migration to gegl:  support for 16 bits,
layer groups, and procedural layers.  It seems to me that all of
them can be achieved in GIMP 2 without major infrastructure changes,
not perhaps in the most ideal way, but not in a kludgy way either.
Given that the switch to gegl will probably entail a long development
cycle, it may be worth considering what can be done in the meantime
with GIMP 2.

Why do you want to have 16 bits per channel when most if not all tools will only work with the MSBs?

It would probably be the same amount of work to DTRT and simply
extend the core to work with 16 bit values instead of 8 bit.
A big start would be to replace all implicitely coded pixel
composites by arrays containing a unioned datatype representing
a pixel which for your purpose could be dynamically modified to
supply a higher color resolution and later be more easily replaced
by GEGL types, no?


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