On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 11:05, Sven Neumann wrote:
> I seriously doubt that the name is effectively keeping GIMP from being
> used. And I am all happy to ignore the very few people who are so
> narrow-minded as to having a problem with the name.

While I agree with most of what you've said in response to this thread,
Sven, I take a bit of exception with this.  Being one of the few open
minded liberals stuck in Texas, I tend to be a little sensitive to being
called narrow minded.

The GIMP *is* a silly name and I've always had a problem with it.  In
the US (perhaps elsewhere) "gimp" implies "hobbled" or "broken":  "His
gimp leg kept him from running the race" or "Her gimp hand prevented her
from reaching the jar on the top shelf".  See this definition:
http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/webwn?stage=1&word=gimp It
doesn't have to imply a guy strapped in leather just because of a
movie.  The word itself is inappropriate for software if you're trying
to feed it to the unwashed masses.  I said this when GIMP was chosen as
a name back when it moved from Motif to GTK (though I'd be hard pressed
to find the mailing list entry that proves this).  But no one listened,
or at least they didn't agree, then.  And that's okay.  It really isn't
that big a deal.  It probably isn't keeping that many people from using
it.  But it is a silly name.  And I have wished for years that it would
be changed to something more inviting.

That said, I don't see any reason to change it.  It would be like asking
Moon Unit Zappa to change her name.  Its a silly name.  But it's hers. 
And she's apparently satisfied to keep it.  So let it be. Not to mention
(though I see Robert Krawitz just did) that there are very practical
reasons not to change it - it would be an awful lot of work for very
little gain.

BTW, I couldn't even find the bug in question.  Maybe someone already
closed it. 
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