Dennis Gnad <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I saw the flame plug-in isn't updated by the orginial author since a long 
> time, but he continued his work as seen at http://www.flam3.com . He just did 
> not continue work on the gimp plug-in. What I simply did was merging 
> code together. I copied the new variations from the flam3 code into the flame 
> plug-in, so they can also be used within gimp. I also added some other small 
> stuff so the new merged variations can be used.
> What still works is saving and loading the files from the plug-in, also the 
> old files saved with the older version still can be loaded. Random works too.

Please check bugzilla. There's a bug report about this topic and
basically we decided to make the plug-in use the shared library that
is developed by the original author. That would probably better than
duplicating that code in GIMP.

> I hope this can be merged into future versions of gimp, if there are
> no other future plans for the flame plug-in

Well, there are other plans (as mentioned above). But perhaps you
could help us with the implementation of those plans...

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