Sven Neumann wrote:

Which is not surprising since you connect the "destroy" signal of the
dialog to gtk_main_quit() even though you are using the main_loop of

That was the point, thanks. That signals came from the original gimp-color-manager plugin.
As I told before I never programmed with GTK before.

This could need a good deal of cleanup. There's lots of traces of the
plug-in-template in there that should be removed.

I already removed all the references to gimp-plugin-template from everywhere in the project. I have to clean-up all the code checking the headers, removing test code, etc.
The idea of this was only to make a first quick port of gimp-color-manager 0.0.8 to gimp 2.0.0 as I needed it to apply scanner profiles and version 0.0.8 didn't work with gimp 2.0.0

Also may I ask why
you used version 1.3.3 of gimp-plugin-template instead of the newer
2.2.0 release?

Well, I started the port on December 5th and I finished it on December 9th, I just used the last version of the template available at that moment. I have been using it since then. I contacted with the original author, but he don't have a develoment configuration with gimp 2.2 so that's the reason why I am here.

In fact this is only the very first step. My roadmap is more or less the following

- Do some cleanup to the code
- Add Spanish and Catalan translations plus some documentation
- Release the version 0.0.9

In fact some part of this plugin are redundant as in the actual version on Gimp There is a plugin that manages screen profiles and there are people workin in aplying profiles to the printed output.
The idea is to remove all the redundant parts and leave only the application of scanner ICC profiles to the image.

Thanks again for the help

Jordi CantÃn

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