Sven wrote:

> - (re)configuring keyboard shortcuts (using Dynamic Shortcuts, the
>   new Shortcut Editor or simply by editing the menurc
> - the new file-chooser dialogs and how to use them best (explain
>   keybindings and the use of bookmarks)
> - copy and paste between GIMP and other apps (what works, what doesn't)
> - drag and drop (inside GIMP and to and from other apps)
> - the new input controllers and how to use them
>    o configuring the mouse wheel
>    o configuring the cursor keys
>    o fancy USB input devices
>    o using MIDI equipment as GIMP input devices
> - setting up a tablet for use in GIMP
> - a collection of tips and tricks focusing on stuff that's new in 2.2
> - nifty things you can tweak in the Preferences dialog and in gimprc
> - customizing the GIMP user interface
> - customizing the splash image
> - batch processing images

Unfortunately I don't understand most of these things myself in a detailed
enough way to write about them (except drag and drop, which works on everything
I have tried it on, and the file chooser, which I don't like to write about
because I think the best advice is to avoid it and use drag-and-drop from 
some sort of browser).  But if anybody cares to provide any *specific*
facts about these things that would be useful for users to know, I'll
undertake to get them into the User Manual (in English, of course).  I
don't need brilliant prose -- sketchy notes are fine, as long as I can
understand them.  

In any case I'll write something about the File Chooser.  I understand
bookmarks, Ctrl-L, and how to use the file type list.  If there are
more features that should be explained, please let me know about them.

(We actually do a pretty good job of explaining most things in 
Preferences, I think.)

  -- Bill


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