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> In any case I'll write something about the File Chooser.  I understand
> bookmarks, Ctrl-L, and how to use the file type list.  If there are
> more features that should be explained, please let me know about them.

GTK+ 2.6 (and some hacked versions of GTK+ 2.4 such as the ones that
Debian Sid and RedHat are shipping) support typeahead in the
file-chooser which allows for some pretty nice keyboard navigation.
This makes the Ctrl-L unneeded for a lot of cases.

Mitch and me also agreed that we would like to do something about
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=162385 and even get that
change into the stable branch. The fact that the file-chooser in GIMP
doesn't remember the last used folder in GIMP 2.2 was probably a wrong

> (We actually do a pretty good job of explaining most things in
> Preferences, I think.)

I am sorry if I mentioned some things in my list that are already
handled well in the user manual. I haven't found the time to actually
read it and my mail was just a collection of things that came to mind
as potentially interesting for our users. I didn't mean to say that
our docs suck (they don't!). I was just afraid that there are a number
of things in 2.2 that are too well hidden. It would be a shame if
features like the MIDI input controller support would remain an
experiment on Mitch's and Simon's laptops simply because there's no
document explaining how to setup this stuff.

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