I'm on the same project as Buck Arue
I know some c++ and avisynth plug-in programming
but sourcecode on the level of gimp is more than 
i can handle

i have finished a first test version of an 
avisynth plug-in that
should apply a color curve saved from gimp to the 
video frames
no source, yet (unreadable mess, and to be 
rewritten soon)

for the R curve i do "spline(R,x,y,...)"
R is the pixel's original R value,
x,y,... are the values form the R-line in the 
file, except for
those which have one or both values as -1
the result is the new R value of the pixel

same for G, B and possibly A

now for my questions:

-is my R, G and B curve handling about right? 
(tests say: yes)

-what to do with the first line of numbers?
from a quick test in gimp it seems to me it 
should be aplyed
to R, G and B additionally to their seperate 
is this correct? if yes, which of the 2 curves 
should be aplyed
first? and should this global curve also be 
aplied to A?
if no, how should it be aplied?

-i understand that all values must be seen as x,y-
and if both values in a pair are -1 the pair is 
but what if only the first value is -1 and the 
other is positive?
i couldn't make any sense of that and for now 
ignore them, too
but i assume that is wrong

thx in advance for taking the time to help us

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