"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> I agree that for a C plug-in a library is easier to use but we will
>> also have to care about plug-ins written in other languages. Making
>> the functionality available in the PDB solves this nicely. What we
>> usually do is to provide wrappers that let the procedure call appear
>> as a simple function call. 
> This is only relevant to file plug-ins.  It didn't occur to me that
> they would ever be written in anything except C, but if that is a 
> reasonable possibility, then I accept the argument.

It's just an argument, not a requirement. Simply something that might
be worth keeping in mind. Is this really only relevant to file
plug-ins? A metadata editor would need to use these functions as well,
wouldn't it?

> The orientation is *always* supposed to be set to "top-left" when an
> image is saved, on the principle that after the user has edited
> the image in GIMP, the orientation is the way the user wants it.
> Only a camera should ever set it to anything other than "top-left".

Hmm, so if I open an image, do some color corrections, but do not
rotate it, the orientation tag is supposed to change? I can hardly
believe that. But if you say that's what the spec says...

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