Hal V. Engel wrote:

> For those that are new to color management and would like to understand
> this better from a CM users perspective I would like to recommend that
> a good starting point is
> %20you%20helped%20me,
> %20again!%20%20I%20am%20learning%20how%20to%20do%20the 

Hello Hal, thanks for the link! This is a shorter one of the same site ;-)
or the same uri like you used in a more shorter way:

> This web site 
> is from a color management users perspective and it starts out with a
> basic overview of how color management works and what all of the
> pieces are and how they all work together.  He give examples of how to
> setup things in both Photoshop and Picture Window Pro.  So this has
> lots of info about how two different apps have set up the user
> interface for this.
> Also one of the interesting things on this site is that he has the
> GretagMacbeth ColorChecker test pattern in both SMPTE-240M (same as
> AdobeRGB 1998) and sRGB color spaces.  One of the patches (out of 24)
> is out of gamut in the sRGB version of the image but is in gamut in
> the SMPTE-240M image.

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