Am Samstag 15 Januar 2005 23:42 schrieb Gerhard Gau▀ling:
> Photoshop lets pop up a dialog where the user can decide the kind of
> conversion he will do for the pasted/dragged image

Of course only if the source color space of the imported 
(pasted/dragged) image is different from the working color space. As I 
mentioned before the working color space is also meant as 'device 
independent' like recommended by, and there for suitable for 
archives. (The recommendations might be different for the US and other 
non-european states: there it might be recommend to use AdobeRGB as 
wotrking color space - and WebCoatedSWOPv2v as printing profile ).

If the archived files are saved in (the recommended wide working color 
space such as eciRGB or AdobeRGB, or WideGammut) the appropriate color 
space, then it can be imported without flaws (w.o. popup window with 
the selection dialog) into theGIMP.


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