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> Alastair M. Robinson wrote:
> > Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> > > Raphael's proposal sounds right on the money to me.
> > 
> > It comes down to a question of what's most annoying:
> > (1) having to rotate manually an unknown, but possibly quite small 
> > number of existing images, on a one-off basis, or
> > (2) having to dismiss (or find a way of permanently disabling) an extra 
> > dialog for every existing and future image that has the relevant EXIF 
> > flag set.
> (3) somebody write a command-line tool that will just strip the flag
> from all the images in a directory (for those who have been using
> bad versions to fix all their images), along with option (1) above,
> keeping the kludge out of gimp, while providing the service.

Fortunately, there are already several command-line tools available
for that, as well as several GUI tools that have some kind of batch

One example of such a command-line tool is Jhead.  You can either use
the option "jhead -autorot" to rotate the image and clear the EXIF
Orientation tag, or use the option "jhead -norot" to clear the EXIF
Orientation tag without rotating the image, assuming that some broken
program has already rotated the image without updating the EXIF info.

I have also seen some shell scripts that use the command-line "exif"
program to change the value of the Orientation tag directly.  So there
are already many ways to fix the JPEG files with EXIF info that have
been incorrectly handled by some programs (such as GIMP 2.2, but
hopefully not 2.4).

Although I think that option (1) above should be the default instead
of (2), I think that (2) can still be useful in some cases.  Some of
the EXIF-aware image editors that I looked at are also offering an
option to ignore the EXIF Orientation tag (this is never the default,
though).  Bill has already written the code for asking the user, so
let's not throw that away.  So the default should be to open the
images with the correct orientation without asking, and there should
be an option in the preferences (gimprc) that allows the user to
ignore the EXIF Orientation tag or to be asked every time.  The
threshold for adding new options to the gimprc should be high, but I
think that this one deserves it.

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