On 20.01.2005, at 22:07, Sven Neumann wrote:

Please don't commit this before we have finished this discussion (that
we should have had before you wrote the first line of code).

Typically a proof of concept implementation is more than welcome, so your attitude is hardly understandable.

That sounds akward. Why would I have to convert a selection to a
selection? This should be hidden from the user.

A generic way to manipulate active selections would certainly be preferable so that arbitrary shaped selections can be moved and (re-)sized by any amount in either directon instead of just manipulated by boolean operations with new selections or grown/shrunk.

This is also akward. The crop tool shouldn't have a dialog, nor should
we add one to a possible new rectangle tool. The current rect-select
tool shows how the tool-options can be used for this.

However, as long as such a generic method does not exist, I'd rather have a well-known interface like the one of the crop tool instead of the current behaviour. The current selection tools are annoying enough to be barely of any use without rulers for anything larger than a 100x100 pixel icon with some heavy magnification.

  As always, everything is open to change, and nothing is written in
stone, and all feedback is welcome.

I will try to sit down later today and write up a completely different
proposal since I don't like your's at all.

I for one prefer Bills' approach much to what we have now; but lets see what you'll come up with.


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