"Jared Whiting" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Is there anything that takes place behind the scenes that makes sure
> that each script is running in its own context?

Scripts and plug-ins are by default run in the user context. Changing
this would have broken backward compatibility so we had to choose the
API where plug-ins and scripts have to push their own context if they
want to run in their own context.

> Or does the call to gimp_text_fontname simply use the latest context
> added to the stack, allowing for something like script x switching
> to look at a context pushed by script y while in the middle of
> executing calls to gimp_text_fontname?

The context stack is local to the current procedure. So if your script
is executed in it's own procedure call and pushes a context, then that
context is local to that script and can not be accessed by anyone
else. Basically my answer boils down to: I don't believe that your
scripts are misbehaving the way you described.

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