Hi All, Just thinking about enhancements to the selection tool
I had in idea how to make the magic want very usefull in some situations.

When your selecting an area from a photo there is often natural specs or tiny dots, sometimes covering an entire image -
I was thinking of this when editing saterlite data..

Anyway, These specs are not selected with the body of colour and it becomes necessary to Manually
1) Select them with the lassoo (uses too much time)
2) Add them to the selection (Often select too much of other areas you want unselected)

A solution would be an "Ignore Pixel Island" option.
With a slider "Pixel Area"
... Mabe Bottleneck px length??, probably more complex to code.

This way you could still have pixel islands but ignore tiny stratches etc,
I like this because it would not have a filtered affect, just a threshold for small pixel islands,
This could also be added as an option to Colour select and would be usefull here too,

- Cambling

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