>From: "William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>  I have been working on a new rectangle-select tool to meet some
>of the deficiencies of the existing one

Thank you!

We may have any number of selection tools. If this selection
tool does not fit perfectly to somebody's working habits,
then we will write two slightly different variants of this tool.
(We also should have configurable tool palettes and menues
if we start having large number of specialized tools.)

So, please, Sven & all, don't overrun somebody's suggestion
unless absolutely necessary.

>  If "Adjustable" is checked, then the shape of the rectangle can
>be modified after it has been drawn, by moving the corners in the
>same way that works for the crop tool.

Make it also adjustable by moving the edges. Otherwise with
large images, it becomes impossible to select areas precisely:
in a zoomed view, one may see only the edge of the rectangle.
>Once it is satisfactory,
>clicking inside the rectangle converts it into a selection.  Clicking
>outside the rectangle cancels the tool.

A while ago I proposed that the selection is created each time
the grab&drag is released. When one starts re-adjusting the rectangle,
the previously created selection is deleted.

That means that "quitting" the tool can be done by switching
to another tool or by applying an effect. And that one does
have one-to-one match between the rect and the selection, in
realtime. (One could use that kind of interactively realtime
selection in future GIMP version.)

Only cancel operation must be implemented.

>  If "Adjustable" is not checked, then the rectangle is converted
>to a selection as soon as the mouse button is released.  (That is, it
>behaves like the existing rect-select.)

That is bad. But also unnecessary if you implement the tool
as described above.

BTW, who can do selections with non-adjustable tool?
In existing rect tool, it is pain to start the selection from
scratch if the selection is not good in the first place.
Try it also with large images, impossible.

>  If "Show dialog" is checked, then a dialog closely resembling the
>crop tool dialog is shown whenever the tool is working, allowing

As said, if you want this dialog, an another version can be written
for us. Please write the tool you like, and then we have to modify your
tool to fit to our needs. One tool for you, another tool for us.

OK. It is just one new tool to the set. You write it your own way.
We must accept it because it sounds like a good tool already.
Whiners can write their own tools. Remember, we accepted the existing
braindead rect tool years ago. Nothing can be worse.

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