"Jared Whiting" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've been running my Gimp Perl script entirely as a single cgi
> communicating to Gimp through the perl-server without having registered
> any of the code.  I think from your response that the portion of the
> script that sets the color, does the text rendering and pushes the
> gimpcontext needs to be executed within an individual Gimp procedure
> call which means I'll have to register at least that portion of it.
> Running it all as a cgi doesn't appear to "magically" make use of a
> script-only context, and so it was probably still using the user
> context.  Let me know if I'm offbase on this.

There is no magic script-only context, you need to push one yourself
(which you did). If however you are running multiple scripts in the
same procedure (which is what happens if you are using the
perl-server), then you need to take care of concurrency between those
scripts yourself.

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