a few people have claimed that opening the file chooser dialog would
take a considerable amount of time if it is opened in a directory with
lots of files. While I have myself observed this behaviour in the
past, I haven't been able to reproduce it for a while. I have tried
with GTK+-2.6.2, GIMP 2.2.3 and current CVS. The folder that I tried
this with has close to 2000 image files and a couple of directories.
The file-chooser dialog opened in less than a second which I think is
a reasonable delay.

If anyone sees this problem and updating to gtk+-2.4.14 or gtk+-2.6.2
doesn't solve it, I'd like to hear about a way to reproduce it. We
would have to check whether it's a GIMP or a GTK+ problem and either
take care of it or delegate the solution.


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