I have just compiled gimp CVS HEAD and beggining to play with it. I have some pending questions about it, primary about color management and how to integrate the plugin which I am working on with this stuff.

I have seen the new Color Management preferences dialog. As I can see there is only a few preferences and none of them related with the color management policies as explained by Hal Engel in a previous post. Are color policies going to be included in this dialog?

How can a plugin have access to this preferences?

I have a suggestion. I think that it will be useful if a new folder list for ICC profiles could be also included in the preferences dialog. The default ones could be:


According to this last point How can a plugin have access to that list?

I have noticed that parasites are saved/restored from file depending on the file format used. (for example in tiff they work and in jpg not). I assume that it is not a bug, but a limitation of the graphic format itself. Is this theory true?

Thanks in advance

Jordi Cantˇn

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