Karl Heinz Kremer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> All CMS will give slightly different results when you compare their
> output.  For consistency purposes, it makes sense for an application
> to use the same CMS on all platforms if the app is available on
> multiple platforms.

Fully understood. The point was not to necessarily use the CMS of the
underlying operating system but to not tie us into a particular CMS.
The framework, that is being worked on, should allow for different
implementations. We will use lcms for the default implementation and
it should work on all supported platforms. The goal is though to allow
people to develop alternative implementations, based on other CMS or
perhaps simply with different policies. As soon as we have extened the
modules and plug-ins API as described, you will be able to develop a
different color management implementation without doing any
modifications to the GIMP core.

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