Am Samstag 12 Februar 2005 13:54 schrieb Sven Neumann:

Hello Sven, 

it's fine to getting aware of the beginning of the cms development in 
the Gimp! We'll need this stuff :-)

> Color management on Windows would ideally be implemented using the
> color management capabilities of the operating system. Same on Mac OS
> X where ColorSync should be used. For now we will however concentrate
> on the LCMS based implementation and of course we will make sure that
> it works on all supported platforms.

Hello Sven, like you mentioned before in other cms related threads, it 
is an good idea to make it possible to choose the CMM the user prefer. 
And also I thing it would be the best choice to use for default the OS 
specific build-in CMM, as you said above.    

> Users will be able to load color profiles from whatever location they
> wish. I don't think we need to provide a way to specify profile
> directories. GIMP will remember the last location you loaded profiles
> from and if you need to use multiple profile directories, it's easy
> to add bookmarks for them.

That's a very good point, and it comes with the behavior we should keep 
in touch with: A very flexible implementation of cms into the gimp. I 
like this idea. 

> This goes however way too much into details yet. We can figure out
> such usability concerns as soon as the basic framework has been put
> in place.

When do you expect the basic framework will be up for discussions 
regarding the usability?

> ICC profiles can be stored in TIFF files. The parasite is just the
> way that GIMP deals with this information. I don't know off the top
> of my head if JPEG allows to embed ICC profiles. Since I would rather
> get back to work on the color management implementation, I kindly ask
> you to look that up in the JPEG spec yourself.

Yes, JPEG (JFIF) allows to embed ICC profiles. Also it's possible to 
choose CMYK as colormodel. At least JPEG2000 support this, and 
Photoshop is able to save normal jpeg files with an icc profile and in 
CMYK. It support's also clipping paths.[1]

> has some links that
> you might find useful. If you know of any URLs that should be added
> there, let me know.

It may would be useful to make a special section colormanagement, and 
point for example to etc. 

Kind regards 



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