On Sunday 13 February 2005 08:58, Jordi Canton wrote:
> >You can embed ICC profiles in JPEG files. The lcms distribution
> >contains code to insert and extract profiles: check the sources
> > for jpegicc and friends.
> Thank you John, I have hust checked that code and compared it to
> the actual GIMP jpeg part. As I can see, actually Gimp does not
> support the embedding of ICC profiles in JPEG files.
> Is there any official mantainer of this part?. I can try to modify 
> this part myself and submit a patch, but I don't want to interfere
> with anyone's work.

Submit a properly commented patch to bugzilla - in bugzilla.gnome.org.
That is teh way to go, and not interfering in anyone's work - 
regardless of anyone being more or less officially in charge of 
certain partts of the program.

Once filed in bugzilla, your patch will be looked upon by teh core 
developers - revisons might get asked - and if it is approved, it 
will be commited by the developers themselves, ensuring no conflicts 

And of course, you as anyone else, are mostly welcome to post usefull 
patches to bugzilla - It is not meant only for reporting problems, 
but also for feature requests and code management.


> Jordi

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