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> > My plugin have various user selectable configuration settings.
> >
> > Right now, I use ~/.gimp-2.2/gimprc to store the defaults.
> >
> > I am not sure if it is correct to fill up gimprc in this way, and no 
> > setting is saved between sessions.
> >
> > So, Is there a better/recommended way for plugins to store such data in the
> > gimp? Is there a recommended practice for saving loading such settings? 
> We are developing a mechanism for plug-ins to save settings and configuration
> information for GIMP 2.4, but there isn't one in 2.2.  Using gimprc will

Actually, gimp-perl does that (or at least did that) since the 1.x days,
by either using gimp_set_data (obsolete) or global persistent parasites,
which has the desired effect.

Gimp::Fu uses that mechanism, so all perl plug-ins using Gimp::Fu als
their UI have persistency for their settings. That has worked without
problems so far.

(Actually both global and per-image defaults, so when opening the same
plug-in on an image it will use the values used before, if possible, or
the global last-recently-used ones).

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