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> Also, this does not mean that all the other changes were good,
> certainly the file chooser was step backwards (it has good features,
> but all in all it's a step backwards, I guess just temporarily until
> the gtk+ filechooser gets fixed, but still, right now, it is, and
> it's not clear how this will be fixed, or wether it will be fixed at
> all).

We agree to disagree here then. IMO, with GTK+-2.6 the file-chooser is
a lot better than what we used to have in GIMP 1.2. There are still a
few issues like the lack of bookmark naming (which is being fixed in
GTK+ HEAD) and I'm not satisfied with the behaviour of completion in
the Ctrl-L popup.  But then, thanks to typeahead, I hardly use the
popup any longer. The file-chooser did indeed have a lot of problems
in the GTK+-2.4 versions. By now though it has reached the point where
it is superiour to the 1.2 version.

> To users like me, this is an absolute step backwards. I don't think
> it's right to penalize the workflow of some users to improve it for
> others, just because their style is differently, unless you
> absolutely must choose between options that cross each other out.

Well, we had to choose between using the deprecated GtkItemFactory
which is not any longer maintained or using GtkUIManager. GtkUIManager
finally allowed us to introduce global shortcuts and it is the base
for the much extended set of actions that you can bind keyboard
shortcuts to in GIMP 2.2. Or other input events, say your mouse wheel
or a MIDI controller...

>> There's a new thread I opened to discuss file-chooser performance
>> and I
> I thought the file-chooser performance was gtk+ related and off-topic
> here? At least that was my original impression :)

The discussion about the design of the file-chooser widget is
off-topic since we are not in the position to change it. Performance
problems in the GIMP filechooser however are of course a GIMP problem
until we have clearly figured out that it is not a GIMP problem but a
GTK+ one.  I do however believe that the problem you are reporting has
already been fixed in GTK+ version 2.4.14. But there's another thread
to discuss this. Please use it.

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