Am Freitag 18 Februar 2005 22:31 schrieb Sven Neumann:
> No, this would only clutter the save dialog. It is already crowded
> enough. If we'd do that, next week someone will call for
> auto-whitebalance on save, adding a border and sending mail to
> grandma. No way.

Hello Sven,      

I agree with you, but wouldn't it be nice to have once on a day     
something similar to the "file > automation" dialog in Photoshop? 

There one can choose for example contact sheet or batch processing.      
In batch processing one can select an action  (i.e. gimp-script), a     
folder for loading  the files for processing and one for saving them, 
and in which  kind the naming  is to be managed, and so on.

I think, this could be something for later plans in the far future.

Kind regards

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