]> A) Use a dialog ...

Dialog boxes that get in the way are annoying (like popup ads).

]> B) Use the Tool Options ...

Good choice. People already look there for similar control.

]C) Use the status bar...(x, y, width, height) entry boxes...
]...A little button in a corner of the status bar ...

Tool Options would be more consistent than the status bar, 
as is evidenced by the type of work required to modify 
the status bar.  Most arguments for C are also arguments for B.

D) If you want a button like option C to activate a dialog, 
it could go in the Tool Options instead of the status bar.

This is preferable to A and C, but I prefer B over all.  
If you must hide some options you can make them collapsable, 
but I advise against having these options collapsed by default.

I vote for B, D, C (in that order).


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