hi all,

I am a newbie.

I am writing a plugin which requires comparing one row of pixels with the one following it. Here is what I could think of,

iterate over pixel regions (width = image width, height = tile height):
      iterate over rows in current pixel region:
            do comparison;
      cp the last row into buff for cmp with first row of next rgn

is that advisable? how should it be done?

Could someone please point me to resources for making my plugin multithreaded?

One part of the algorithm involves quantizing the image, and the other involves user input. They are independent steps. Is it advisable to use one thread to launch the quantizing step, while the other waits for user input? I am planning to give a decent, default set of parameters for quantizing, and if the user is unhappy, he should be able to change it. Any suggestions?

Any help is welcome,

Thanks in advance,

Balachandran C.

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