Greetings, all.

A tarball of version 0.9.7 of Tiny-Fu is now available at:

It has been almost two and a half months since the last release of Tiny-Fu. In that time a number of changes and a few important bug fixes have accumulated. Apart from the number of changes since the previous release, the other reason for this release is to provide a new checkpoint from which to work since a major new feature is about to be added. More on this later.

Most of the changes in this release affected the various scripts which accompany the Tiny-Fu plug-in. The main bug fixes in this release cleaned up a number of memory leaks and fixed a small problem in the aset! function. A summary of some of the other changes in this release can be seen near the bottom of this message.

With the release of version 0.9.7, work begins on for the 0.9.8 release. Current plans for the 0.9.8 release of Tiny-Fu is for it to be a release candidate for a 1.0 release. Only two main changes are planned for 0.9.8 and after that, only bug fixes but no new features will be introduced prior to a 1.0 release.

Only two main changes are planned for the 0.9.8 release. The first is to get Tiny-Fu working with GIMP in batch mode. The second and biggest change is to add UTF-8 support which is the major feature I hinted at earlier. The changes needed to fix the batch mode are already known and will be made soon. The changes to add support for UTF-8 have already been done and will be committed to CVS after a little more testing.

That is all the news about Tiny-Fu for now. Back to testing UTF-8 support.

Changes since the 0.9.6 release:

- Plugged some memory leaks.

- Fixed a problem with aset! for string arrays.

- Added support for SF-REGION. SF-BOUNDARY, and SF-PATH.

- Added substring-equal? function.

- Other minor code changes, cleanups, and bug fixes.

- Updates and fixes to various scripts

    * Removed the asc2img.sct script as it is supposedly broken
    beyond repair and the functionality is in the text tool itself.

    * scripts/circuit.sct: Don't try to desaturate a grayscale layer.
    From a fix in Script-Fu by Bill Skaggs.  Fixes bug #161470.

    * scripts/copy-visible.sct: Apply the layer mask when copying a
    single layer with a layer mask. Fixes bug #138662. Deprecated since
    feature added to core.

    * scripts/frosty-logo.sct: made sure the shadow is given enough space
    and then truncated instead of translated to the center of the image,
    thus preventing the display of shadows with a completely horizontal or
    vertical edge. Fixes bug #132145.

    * Other minor script changes.

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