I haven't seen anything in a while about the menu reorganization
which was proposed a while back.

One thing I'd like to see is getting script-fu and python-fu items
out of separate menus and integrating them into the regular menus,
so users don't have to know what language something was written in
to find it.

With that in mind, I've started from the current Image menu reorg
page http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/ImageMenu and made a few changes:

- Reformatted a bit, in plaintext.  The stuff on the wiki is html
  but it's really inconsistent, has paragraph tags inside list
  items, and closes lists at the wrong place, so it doesn't show
  the right hierarchy and is impossible to copy&paste properly.

- Moved script-fu items into the main menu and got rid of the
  Script-Fu menu.

- Combined Animation and Animators: it seemed confusing to have

- Put the Alchemy scripts under Artistic.  They're not really
  Artistic but they do vaguely similar things.

- Distributed the few items in the Python-Fu menu to places that
  seemed vaguely reasonable.

I ended up with 2 more items under Filters than are there now.
Admittedly that's still a lot; some of these could be combined,
but since it's only two more items and I was trying to change as
little as possible, I didn't try.

I only looked briefly at Xtns.  Really, I think that menu is fine
except that again I'd get rid of the language menus, and put the
script-fu stuff under Render.  That seemed so simple that I didn't
bother to write that up as a proposal.

So here's my proposal.  Does it look reasonable?  I tried to compare
it both to the existing menus in 2.2.6 (haven't compared with CVS
yet) and to the proposal on the wiki, but things got confused with
the re-editing I needed to do so I might have missed something.

I'm willing to do some work to make this happen, if people agree
that it should happen and if it's not too late to get it in for 2.4.
I think most of the work involves tweaking script-fu and python-fu
registration routines.  Is there documentation that would need to be
updated?  The menu page on the gimp manual doesn't seem to mention
script-fu or python-fu menus at all.

This seems to be covered under bugs 116145 (image menus) and 145507 (Xtns). 
The latter has a patch from Carol which might be slightly stale now,
but also makes reference to bug 158980, to make a logo browser which
would move the logos out of Xtns.  That's a great idea, but until it
happens, moving the scripts is probably still reasonable.



Image Menu
    * New
    * Open
    * Open as Layer
    * Open Location
    * Open Recent
          o (list)
    * Save
    * Save as...
    * Save a Copy...
    * Save as Template...
    * Revert...
    * Mail Image...
    * Print...
    * Close
    * Quit

    * Undo
    * Redo
    * Undo History
    * Cut
    * Copy
    * Copy Visible
    * Paste
    * Paste Into
    * Paste as New
    * Buffer
          o Cut Named
          o Copy Named
          o Paste Named
    * Clear
    * Fill with FG Color
    * Fill with BG Color
    * Fill with Pattern
    * Stroke Selection
    * Stroke Path
    * All
    * None
    * Invert
    * Float
    * By Color
    * From Path
    * Selection Editor
    * Feather...
    * Sharpen
    * Shrink...
    * Grow...
    * Border...
    * Rounded Rectangle...
    * Toggle Quick Mask
    * Save to Channel
    * To Path
    * New View
    * Dot for Dot
    * Zoom (XX%)
          o Zoom Out
          o Zoom In
          o Fit Image in Window
          o Fit Image to Window
          o 16: 1 (1600%)
          o 8:1 (800%)
          o 4:1 (400%)
          o 2:1 (200%)
          o 1:1 (100%)
          o 1:2 (50%)
          o 1:4 (25%)
          o 1:8 (12.5%)
          o 1:16 (6.25%)
          o Other...
    * Shrink Wrap
    * Fullscreen
    * Info Window
    * Navigation Window
    * Display Filters...
    * Show Selection
    * Show Layer Boundary
    * Show Guides
    * Show Grid
    * Show Sample Points
    * Snap to Guides
    * Snap to Grid
    * Snap to Canvas Edges
    * Snap to Active Path
    * Padding Color
          o From Theme
          o Light Check Color
          o Dark Check Color
          o Select Custom Color
          o As in Preferences

    * Show Menubar
    * Show Rulers
    * Show Scrollbars
    * Show Statusbar
    * Duplicate
    * Mode
          o RGB
          o Grayscale
          o Indexed
    * Compose
    * Decompose
    * Recompose
    * Transform
          o Flip Horizontally
          o Flip Vertically
          o Rotate 90 degrees CW
          o Rotate 90 degrees CCW
          o Rotate 180 degrees
          o Guillotine
    * Canvas Size
    * Fit Canvas to Layers
    * Print Size
    * Scale Image
    * Crop Image
    * Autocrop Image
    * Zealous Crop
    * Merge Visible Layers
    * Flattern Image
    * Guides
          o New Guide
          o New Guide (by Percent)
          o New Guides from Selection
          o Remove all Guides
    * Configure Grid
    * New Layer
    * Duplicate Layer
    * Anchor Layer
    * Merge Down
    * Delete Layer
    * Stack
          o Select Previous Layer
          o Select Next Layer
          o Select Top Layer
          o Select Bottom Layer
          o Raise Layer
          o Lower Layer
          o Layer to Top
          o Layer to Bottom
    * Colors
          o Color Balance
          o Hue-Saturation
          o Colorize
          o Brightness-Contrast
          o Threshold
          o Levels
          o Curves
          o Posterize
          o Desaturate
          o Invert
          o Auto
             + Equalize
             + White Balance
             + Color Enhance
             + Normalize
             + Stretch Contrast
             + Stretch HSV
          o Histogram
          o Colorcube Analysis
    * Mask
          o Add Layer Mask
          o Apply Layer Mask
          o Delete Layer Mask
          o Show Layer Mask
          o Edit Layer Mask
          o Disable Layer Mask
          o Mask to Selection
          o Add to Selection
          o Subtract from Selection
          o Intersect with Selection
    * Transparency
          o Add Alpha Channel
          o Color to Alpha
          o Semi-Flatten
          o Threshold Alpha
          o Alpha to Selection
          o Add to Selection
          o Subtract from Selection
          o Intersect with Selection
    * Transform
          o Flip Horizontally
          o Flip Vertically
          o Rotate 90 degrees CW
          o Rotate 90 degrees CCW
          o Rotate 180 degrees
          o Arbitrary Rotation
          o Offset
    * Layer Boundary Size
    * Layer to Image Size
    * Scale Layer...
    * Crop Layer
    * Autocrop Layer
    * Align Visible Layers
    * Toolbox
    * Default Colors D
    * Swap Colors X
    * Selection Tools
          o Rect Select
          o Ellipse Select
          o Free Select
          o Fuzzy Select
          o By Color Select
          o Intelligent Scissors
    * Paint Tools
          o Bucket Fill
          o Blend
          o Pencil
          o Paintbrush
          o Eraser
          o Airbrush
          o Ink
          o Clone
          o Convolve
          o Smudge
          o DodgeBurn
    * Transform Tools
          o Move
          o Crop & Resize
          o Rotate
          o Scale
          o Shear
          o Perspective
          o Flip
    * Color Tools
          o Color Balance
          o Hue-Saturation
          o Colorize
          o Brightness-Contrast
          o Threshold
          o Levels
          o Curves
          o Posterize
    * Paths
    * Color Picker
    * Magnify
    * Measure
    * Text
      (identical with Dialogs from the Toolbox) 
    * Repeat Last
    * Re-Show Last
    * Reset all Filters
    * Blur
          o Blur
          o Gaussian Blur
          o Motion Blur
          o Pixelize
          o Selective Gaussian Blur
          o Tileable Blur
    * Enhance
          o Deinterlace
          o Despeckle
          o Destripe
          o NL Filter
          o Sharpen
          o Unsharp Mask
          o Unsharp Mask (Script-Fu)
          o Smart enlarge...
          o Smart remove selection...
          o Smart sharpen...
    * Colors
          o Map
                + Adjust FG-BG
                + Alien Map 2
                + Color Exchange
                + Colormap Rotation
                + Color Range Mapping
                + Gradient Map
                + Palette Map
                + Sample Colorize
          o Border Average
          o Channel Mixer
          o Colorcube Analysis
          o Colorify
          o Color to Alpha
          o Compose
          o Decompose
          o Filter Pack
          o Hot
          o Max RGB
          o Recompose
          o Retinex
          o Semi-Flatten
          o Smooth Palette
          o Value Invert
          o Draw HSV Graph
    * Noise
          o Hurl
          o Pick
          o Scatter HSV
          o Scatter RGB
          o Slur
          o Spread
    * Edge-Detect
          o Difference of Gaussians
          o Edge
          o Laplace
          o Neon
          o Sobel
    * Generic
          o Convolution Matrix
          o Dilate
          o Erode
    * Glass and Light Effects
          o Apply Lens
          o Glass Tile
          o Flare FX
          o GFlare
          o Lighting Effects
          o Sparkle
          o Super Nova
          o Add Fog
    * Distorts
          o Blinds
          o Curve Bend
          o Emboss
          o Engrave
          o IWarp
          o Mosaic
          o Newsprint
          o Pagecurl
          o Polar Coords
          o Ripple
          o Shift
          o Value Propagate
          o Video
          o Waves
          o Whirl and Pinch
          o Wind
    * Artistic
          o Apply Canvas
          o Cartoon
          o Cubism
          o GIMPressionist
          o Oilify
          o Photocopy
          o Softglow
          o Van Gogh (LIC)
          o Clothify
          o Erase every other Row
          o Predator
          o Weave
    * Map
          o Bump Map
          o Displace
          o Fractal Trace
          o Illusion
          o Make Seamless
          o Map Object
          o Paper Tile
          o Small Tiles
          o Tile
          o Warp
    * Selection
          o Distress Selection
          o Fade Outline
          o To Brush
          o To Image
          o To Pattern
    * Shadow
          o Drop-Shadow
          o Perspective
          o Xach-Effect
    * Alpha to Logo
          o 3D Outline
          o Alien Glow
          o Alien Neon
          o Basic I
          o Basic II
          o Blended
          o Bovination
          o Chalk
          o Chip Away
          o Chrome
          o Comic Book
          o Cool Metal
          o Frosty
          o Glossy
          o Glowing Hot
          o Gradient Bevel
          o Neon
          o Particle Trace
          o Starbursh
          o Starscape
          o Textured
    * Decor
          o Add Bevel
          o Add Border
          o Coffee Stain
          o Fuzzy Border
          o Old Photo
          o Round Corners
          o Slide
          o Stencil Ops
             + Carve-It
             + Chrome-It
    * Render
          o Clouds
              + Plasma
              + Solid Noise
          o Nature
              + Flame
              + IFS Fractal
          o Pattern
              + Checkerboard
              + CML Explorer
              + Diffraction Patterns
              + Grid
              + Jigsaw
              + Maze
              + Qbist
              + Sinus
          o Fractal Explorer
          o Gfig
          o Sphere Designer
          o Circuit
          o Grid
          o Lava
          o Line Nova
          o Spyrogimp
    * Web
          o ImageMap
    * Animation
          o Optimize (Difference)
          o Optimize (for GIF)
          o Playback
          o Un Optimize
          o Blend
          o Burn-In
          o Rippling
          o Spinning Globe
          o Waves
    * Combine
          o Depth Merge
          o Film
    * Toys
          o Gee-Slime
          o Gee-Zoom
    * Utils
          o ASCII to Layer
          o Show Image Structure

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