I've thought more about the whole thing and I would like to propose
the following solution:

We add a page about GIMP merchandising to www.gimp.org. This page
("GIMP Stuff" ?) gets linked from the sidebar and from the Donations
page and it is mentioned on the front page at the time it is added
(and perhaps every once in a while). On that page we give links to all
places where people can obtain GIMP stuff but only if the GIMP project
also gets a fair share of the bargain.

This is probably less than what Federico from sourcewear wants us to
do but I don't see why we should start to do agreements with anyone.
Let alone the fact that there's no legal entity who could make such an
agreement. If at all it would be Tigert as the author of the Wilber
drawing who could claim rights on it.

For the moment, sourcewear will probably be the only GIMP merchandiser
linked from the "GIMP stuff" page, but I hope that more nice GIMP
things will be available in the future. If that can help the GIMP
project in any way, that's a nice side-effect. If you think however
that we need to push GIMP merchandising further by having an official
GIMP merchandising shop, then we should probably first have a
discussion on what we want to spend the raised money on.  At the
moment we have more money available than we ever had and no idea
whatsoever what it should be used for.

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