Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Spacebar to switch temporarily to move is awfully useful. I didn't
> know about it until this discussion, but I've often wanted something
> like that

See, that is exactly my point. The feature is not discoverable and it
might make sense to exchange it for something which is probably at
least as useful but wider known.

> I'm forever switching between move and something else,
> for instance when I'm creating lots of different text layers and
> need to position each one.

That's just a missing feature in the text tool. Of course the text
tool should allow you to move text layers.

> Do a lot of gimp users not have a middle mouse button? Maybe tablet
> users who don't want to put down the stylus and switch to a mouse?
> (That would be understandable.) Or is this just because ... that
> other program does it that way, and its users are used to it?

Because I tried it and I made the experience that it pressing a key
with the second hand disturbs the workflow less than to switch mouse
buttons. But perhaps this needs actual user testing.

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