Gerald Friedland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> We have developed a foreground extraction algorithm that improves
> substantially over  Magic Wand (Photoshop) and also the tool that is
> inside GIMP. It could be compared to Microsoft Grabcut, but it is a
> lot faster because our approach was originally intended for video
> segmentation. A Java 1.4 based demonstration Applet can be found at:
> http://kazan.inf.fu-berlin.de/echalk/Segmentation/

That looks very interesting.

> I want to make this available as a GIMP Plugin, but my problem is that
> (as you can see in the demonstration) sometimes it requires the user
> to make multiple selections (region of interest and several foreground
> samples).
> I just cannot figure out how to model this in GIMP, as it seems to
> allow only one selection per Plugin-call.

It might make sense to implement this as a tool instead of as a
plug-in then. That would allow for more direct interaction and would
also make it easier to do preview on the image window. But it would
also mean that the code would have to be made available under the
terms of the GPL.

> Any help out there from experienced Plug-In or Gimp-developers?

Since you appear to be from Berlin, perhaps we should meet and discuss
this over a beer? Mitch and me will probably be back in Berlin next

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