Andrei Simion wrote:
> Irek Słonina wrote:
>> /usr/bin/gimp -c -i -s -b '(plug-in-script-fu-server 1 10008
>>     \"/tmp/gimpserverlog\")' '(gimp-quit 1)' 1>/tmp/gimprunlog
>>     2>/tmp/gimperrlog &
>> Maybe try --display :1.0 -c -s, without no-interface.
> Thanks Irek, I'll try your command. The thing is that the 1.3 version of
> gimp worked just fine with my command. To clear the things out: are you
> connecting to the Gimp server through some kind of interface or you work
> with the Gimp in the graphic mode?

I am connecting to a server with python script by Tjabo Kloppenburg
sending to a server my script-fu, all without interface and without
Xvfb. If you want a script just tell.

Irek Słonina
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